Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Libraries Reinvent Themselves to Reach Today’s Digital Society

Public libraries across the U.S. are being challenged to reinvent themselves. With the recent partnership of Recorded Books and Atomic Training, libraries now have resources to make that happen. 

In today’s digital media and ebook society, public libraries across the U.S. are being challenged to reinvent themselves. High unemployment rates and increased demand for public internet access are some of the drivers libraries see as opportunities to reinvent themselves. The 2012 American Libraries Association report on the State of America’s Libraries revealed that a majority (70%) of libraries reported increased use of public access computers.

“Today's libraries have to serve the needs of their patrons," said Clay Moore, Atomic Training’s National Sales Manager. "That includes expanding services so that libraries remain relevant to the public."

The recent partnership between Recorded Books and Atomic Training has been able to provide libraries across the country with a comprehensive online database of how-to training tutorials. This online too... 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

More Adobe® CS6 Training Coming Soon

Be on the lookout for upcoming training on Adobe Creative Suite 6 applications. To add to our growing collection, we will soon be expanding our library to include Premiere Pro CS6 and InDesign CS6. 

Our CS6 collection of training already includes Photoshop CS6, Fireworks CS6 and Dreamweaver CS6.  For both PC and Mac.

For more information on our Adobe CS6 collection of training or if you would like to be notified the moment our upcoming training goes live, email us at info@atomictraining.com

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