Thursday, February 28, 2013

New Content Release: HTML5 and CSS3 Training

Atomic Training has expanded its online training collection to include HTML5 and CSS3 training.  Also included in this release are tutorials on software features ranging from internet browsing applications to music management and much more.

A brief description of the recently added training follows.

HTML5 & CSS3 Training -
This training series outlines the basics of both HTML5 and CSS3.  Learn about page formatting, form creation, how to add media elements, and more.

Safari®, Firefox®, Google™ Chrome, and Internet Explorer® Training -
These training tutorials will provide users with the information they need to fully utilize the tools and features of the most common internet browsing applications.

iTunes® 11 Training -
Get a better understanding of the iTunes® 11 interface, iTunes Store® and library in this training series.  Learn how to create playlists and use the Genius® feature as well as manage and back up media using iCloud®.

Other training added to the training library includes:

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