Thursday, June 13, 2013

Atomic Training Adds Extensive Training on Excel 2013

Atomic Training has expanded its online training library to now include extensive training on Microsoft­® Excel® 2013. These three additional Excel series will give users a deeper understanding of how to apply features and functions of this application to their daily lives. 

Excel 2013 – Charting Training -
This online training series will provide users knowledge of how to use Excel 2013’s charting capabilities to effectively compare data and communicate information.

Excel 2013 – Evaluating Data Training -
This series will cover how to set, control and check that the data entered into Excel 2013 is valid. Get the most out of the data validation functions.

Excel 2013 – Frequently Used Formulas & Functions Training -
From using common formulas such as SUM, AVERAGE and IF, to more complicated formulas such as NESTED IF functions, viewers will learn common uses for a variety of formulas in Excel 2013.

Along with Excel, Atomic Training has also recently added in-depth training on other Microsoft® Office® 2013 applications including PowerPoint®, Word, Access® and more. See list of recent additions.

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