Monday, February 24, 2014

The Windows XP Apocalypse

According to a recent USA Today article, Microsoft® plans to discontinue support for their ever-popular Windows® XP operating system in early April.
The many folks who still rely on Windows XP will have their own major concern to deal with in a few weeks. On April 8, XP reaches the end of the line. No, your XP computer won't suddenly blow up on that date. But it does mean that official support from Microsoft ceases. Microsoft will no longer issue patches or system updates to protect the machine against viruses, spyware and other malware that could result in crashes, or worse, the theft of personal information. If you run into any other kinds of snags, you won't be able to call Microsoft for technical assistance.
Unless you're among the brave few willing to muddle through without support, there are several considerations to be taken regarding whether you upgrade affected devices to the latest system (Windows 8.1), or purchase replacements. The article highlights several of these, including a link to a compatibility checker for software programs.

If you do upgrade to any of new Windows® versions (or convert to Mac), be it one device or 700, don’t panic. Atomic Training is ready to help ease the transition! The links below highlights a few of our most popular trainings on common operating systems.
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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Infographic: Who's Making the Move to Windows 8?

Is your organization thinking about making the switch to Windows® 8? See how your organization's plans compare to others, by viewing the inforgraphic below. Also, make sure to check out Atomic Training's Windows 8 training, to help make your transition even easier:

Windows 8 - What's New Training

Windows 8 Training
Windows 8.1 Training

Inforgraphic source: TechRepublic