Friday, May 2, 2014

Shaping Tomorrow’s Leaders

In an attempt to provide a glimpse into the future, an IBM report compared undergraduate and graduate students’ perspectives with those of business CEOs. The findings provide a unique look at the changing workplace, customer service, and leadership.

Within the study, there are several standout statements, including:
The employer-employee relationship has changed over the years. The relationship, which was once based on loyalty and job security, is now based on flexibility and continuous development of skills.

Businesses that fail to provide options for their employees to develop skills to increase efficiencies, streamline processes and better themselves are not only failing to maximize their human resources, but also failing to meet the base expectations of their employees.

One simple way to encourage continuous development and self-improvement is through online training resources, such as Atomic Training. Atomic Training's online solution provides your entire company with training on over 150 common software applications, including Microsoft Office®, SharePoint®, SPSS and more.  This not only allows your employees to increase efficiencies, but also gives them the flexibility to obtain these skills when they need it, with online, on-demand training.

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