Thursday, June 19, 2014

Takeaways from Adobe's Everything is New Again Event

Guest blog post by Bobby Willis, Post-Production eLearning Manager & Sarah Holder, Instructional Designer at Atomic Training
Adobe Creative Cloud logo
During yesterday's keynote address of today's Everything New is New Again event on the Adobe® Creative Cloud, numerous updates and additions were shared. Members of our eLearning team listened in, and are excited to share their takeaways on some of the many cool new features now available to Creative Cloud users.

Adobe Creative Cloud has re-imagined the creative process and made digital workflows even more streamlined with nearly 1,000 updates to the popular application for video, design, web, mobile, and beyond.

You can view the keynote online, or simply check out our highlights below for a quick summary. 

  • Premiere Pro
    Overall productivity has been improved and workflow pain points have been removed. You can perform color grading/correction in Speed Grade, then jump back to Premier with "Direct Link"—no rendering required!

    You can now also easily match a frame's tones, colors, etc. with "Match Look," apply masking features on effects, and access new and improved Ultra HD (4K, 5K, and 6K) native playback and workflow in Premiere Pro.
  • Photoshop
    The new and improved Photoshop Creative Cloud includes a variety of timesaving tools, including a font locate function with Creative Cloud type kit—no more missing fonts warning! Another handy update are real time measurements on smart guides to simplify placement of objects, text and graphics.

    Additional updates include the "Focus Area" selection feature that recognizes the focal point of an image and places text behind the image rather than adding layers and having to cut areas out, spin and path blur options to create realistic movement, and tools to make it easier to manipulate 3D images/objects, update a 3D model in 2D workspace, and create 3D prints.
  • Illustrator
    The popular Illustrator program included some simple (but powerful) updates, including new and improved pencil and pen tools to create better lines and strokes, and live updates between a team of designers with improved smart objects that update saved changes to an Illustrator file within Photoshop.
  • Lightroom
    It is now easier than ever to create collections in both desktop and mobile environments. Additional enhancements include a keyboard shortcut to Photoshop from Lightroom, perspective warp to manipulate 2D photo in a 3D space, and full-fidelity smart previews.
  • Lightroom for iPad
    You can now easily edit photos on your iPad in Lightroom—such as holding down three fingers to view before and after image edits—and sync images to the creative cloud and desktop.
  • Lightroom for iPhone
    Quickly share photos from your iPhone to social media sites.
Web Design
  • Adobe Muse
    The new and improved Adobe Muse offers greater design freedom, including tablet and phone views to see how your web design will appear on different devices, in-browser editing to streamline updates, and simplified options for adding animation of objects/images.
  • Adobe Sketch
    This new mobile sketch pad app features a variety of handing features, including social media connectivity.
  • Adobe Line
    For more technical drawings, Line offers precision drafting options to create complex, and beautiful, designs.
  • Adobe Ink and Slide
    Optional Pen and Ruler tools now available for working in both Sketch and Line apps.
  • Photoshop Mix
    New tools to edit photos for social media sharing—complete with a shortcut link to Photoshop desktop app.
Another addition that didn't fit into any one category was the Creative Cloud Market, which is designed to offer access to an ever-growing library of images, illustrations, icons and graphics—all royalty free!

Can't wait to get your hands on these updates? We can't either! Watch for training on many of these exciting new features from Atomic Training in the upcoming months.