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Personal Finance Basics
In this module, you’ll learn about basic concepts relating to Personal Finance. We begin by discussing budgeting and the different options to monitor credit. We cover risk tolerance and ways in which it can be measured. Next, we review methods to evaluate expert help, and learn how to practice frugality. After considering different loan types, we round out the module by reviewing some of the major savings and investment options.

Google Sites Training
Google Sites Training    
This tutorial series will show you how to work with Google Sites - a free and easy way to create and share Web pages.  Google just recently updated Sites.  This series covers the new version of sites.  

Unlocking Potential: The Impact of Mindset on SuccessUnlocking Potential: The Impact of Mindset on Success
Our attitudes and the attitudes of our students regarding intelligence, talent, and potential are an important determinant of success. Carol Dweck’s research on the concept of mindset demonstrates that the way we respond to challenge and struggle is affected by our mindsets. We are all originally born with a growth mindset but over time, we develop fixed mindsets, which interfere with reaching our potential. 

Healthy Relationships
Healthy Relationships
Psychologist Bryn Yahn discusses different kinds of relationships, how they change through the years, and how to nurture healthy relationships. Yahn also talks about what makes a relationship unhealthy, and what to do when you find yourself, or a loved one, in an unhealthy relationship. 

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